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Wellness Studio

Reach Your Wellness goals at Island Spa Catalina

The indoor Wellness Studio at Island Spa Catalina offers a multitude of opportunities for you to work on your individual wellness and fitness goals. From yoga classes for stretching and relaxing to fitness classes tailored to your needs, Island Spa Catalina's Fitness and Wellness Program offers a variety of fitness and yoga classes seven days a week. We also offer trail maps for exploring Catalina Island.

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Instructor-led Fitness Classes

Body Sculpting

Your summer slim-down class is here! Use a variety of equipment to sculpt and tone the whole body. Begin with a functional fitness circuit, followed by floor mat exercises and body weight training. This is a fun and challenging 45 minute workout for all levels.

Catalina Core Circuit

Bring your fitness goals to the next level! This high-energy 45 minute class is geared towards blasting calories and sculpting lean muscle. The body of the workout incorporates plyometrics, balance, core training, and cardio in a circuit format. All levels of fitness are welcome.

Catalina Stair Circuit

A dynamic class to maximize fat loss! Start in the Wellness Studio with a 5 minute warm up, then continue with 15 minutes of stairs at the Crescent Stairway for maximum calorie burn! Finish in the Wellness Studio with strength and floor work. **Weather Permitting – If stairs are not suitable, class will be held inside the Wellness Studio.

Full Body Cardio Conditioning

Experience a TOTAL full body workout! This 45 minute class is a circuit-style class with a mixture of cardio exercises and weighted conditioning exercises. This workout will help you build muscle and burn fat with a complete and balanced focus on all major muscle groups.

Lower Body Circuit

Focus on the lower body with this 45 minute concentrated workout! The lower body circuit begins with a 5-minute warm up targeting the lower body muscles followed by a mix of resistance and cardio training to help sculpt and shape the glutes and legs. The lower body circuit will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Stretch & Glow and Senior Stretch

An enjoyable 45 minute class designed to energize, mobilize and stabilize from head to toe. Stretch & Glow is tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Gentle toning and stretching are the heart of this workout.

Family Fitness

Come alone or bring your little ones. Support and motivation are waiting for you in a beautiful safe space to reach for a new personal best. Using the available equipment let our fitness coach help you reach your goals in a free-form customized group workout!

Instructor-led Yoga

The connection between mind, body and breath is an individual experience. We personalize the practice to meet the needs and skill levels of our guests and therefore offer a flow and structure unique to each class. Beginners and yoga enthusiasts will be able to find their preferred degree of exertion as guided by our instructors who focus on pose sequences that offer a wide degree of customization.

Fitness on Demand

Fitness On Demand™ is a virtual, group fitness program that offers an expansive library of fitness class options and first-class instructors. Island Spa Catalina has a pre-arranged fitness schedule that offers some of Fitness on Demand’s most popular virtual classes. With just the push of a button, you’ll be ready to get fit at Island Spa Catalina. All you need to do is show up, tune in, and work out.

Beginner Shred Workout

Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred is a comprehensive exercise plan to help you kick-start your weight loss journey, dramatically transforming not just your physique but also your level of fitness and self-confidence.

Mat Pilates

This is a fitness-based mat Pilates class for the beginner.


A kicked-up, hybrid, yoga-inspired workout that emphasizes recovery, balance, and flexibility through power yoga poses.

Slim Sculpting Workout 1 & 2

This class provides a truly effective total body slimmer using a single dumbbell or kettlebell. Slim Sculpting Workout 1 & 2 is a slow, deliberate and empowering workout.

Train Like a Contender

Train Like a Contender is a fun-filled, easy-to-follow cardio boxing workout that empowers you as it blasts away calories and challenges your entire body.

Yoga Basics
Yoga Basics focuses on the fundamentals of a fitness-based yoga class. This class will move at a speed that allows you to comprehend the moves while also getting a quality workout focused on strength, balance, and coordination.

Please check the schedule for class times.